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The GimCat Kitten Paste supports the needs of young cats from the 6th week of life. The Balanced Growth formula contains -Optimal calcium/phosphorus ratio to promote growth and bone formation -12 vitamins, trace elements and minerals to support the immune system -Linseed oil and fish oil for healthy cell protection -Malt & oils promote the excretion of swallowed hair and support the digestive system -Taurine to strengthen vision and heart function -Egg yolk to cover the essential requirement of arachidonic acid

  • supports the needs of young cats from the 6th week of life
  • promotes growth and the development of the immune- and digestive system
  • enriches the daily feed accordingly
  • Without added sugar, artificial colours and flavour enhancers, without preservatives, LactoseFree
  • Made in Germany

Sku: 4002064406787
Ean code: 4002064406787
Content: 50g

Protein 7%
Fat content 35,5%
Crude ash 10,5%
Crude fiber 2%
Moisture 12%
Calcium 2%
Phosphor 1%

As of the sixth week, as soon as solid food is being given, 6 cm (1 cm line of paste = approx. 0.5 g) every day straight from the tube or mixed in with feed. Feed at room temperature.

Derivatives of vegetable origin, oils and fats (fish oil 4%, linseed oil 4%), meat and animal derivatives, yeasts, eggs and egg products (egg yolk powder 3%), fish and fish derivatives, algae.

Vit. D 573 I.U. Vit. E 1.580 mg Vitamin K3 1 mg Vit. B1 13 mg Vit. B2 10 mg Vit. B6 7 mg Vit. B12 47 mcg Vit. C 50 mg Biotin 900 mcg Niacin 469 mg Folsäure 9 mg Calcium-D-Pantothenate 75 mg Choline chloride 1.330 mg Taurine 2.000 mg