Wood Shavings 15L

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It is a low-dust wood shavings litter, which can be considered the most universal litter. It is almost odorless and totally non-toxic. It can be used separately or along with any other Gimbi litter. It has excellent absorbing capacity and odors’ control power. Its especially soft consistency saves such animals as rabbits or Guinea pigs from an overpressure on their very delicate soles. Its ideal use entails the replacement of wet and dirty parts every two days at the longest, which can be easily done with a plastic scoop. It can be disposed of as wet waste. Since they love using it as a funny hiding-place, small animals such as hamsters, mice and gerbils really enjoy this kind of litter. As far as chinchillas and degus are concerned, this litter can be used together with a litter in grains; we advise to spread the two litters in separate parts of the abode, without piling them up. In this way the animals can enjoy pleasant dry baths. In animals such as rabbits or long-haired Guinea pigs, this litter could get stuck to the hair, but it can be easily removed with a brush or a medium teeth comb.

  • Biodegradable-no additives

Sku: 02.205045
Ean code: 4002064205045
Content: 15L