Made from renewable materials and with the additive activated carbon Biokat's Eco Light EXTRA is made from sustainable soya bean and natural plant fibres. In addition, Eco Light EXTRA contains activated carbon for highly effective odour binding and absorbency. Very effective and economical Eco Light EXTRA is a particularly effective cat litter, as the plant fibres are extremely absorbent. On a day to day basis, you only need to remove 3 times the clumps and hard excrement. Top up instead of refilling with new litter: only add the removed amount. The residual filling of the litter can stay in the cat litter tray for 4 to 6 weeks. You can find details of how long this bag will last on the front of the bag. Highly effective odour binding Activated carbon is a highly porous carbon substance with an enormous surface area. If you were to unfold just 2 grams of activated carbon, it would result in the area of half a football field (2,000+ square meters)! Due to the unique physical chemistry of activated carbon, odour substances are strongly attracted to, and firmly bound to the carbon molecules. Activated carbon has been successfully used in households for a long time – for example; in extractor fans, odour filters in refrigerators, water filters and shoe insoles. Up to 700% absorbency and natural scented Biokat’s Eco Light EXTRA is a natural clumping litter made from plant fibres which act like a sponge. They absorb liquids completely. Clumps are formed which lock in the liquid as well as the odour. Easy to carry** Biokat’s Eco Light EXTRA weighs up to 50% less than comparable cat litter made out of natural clay. This makes it particularly easy to carry. Dispose of individual clumps in a simple and hygienic way!*** Put the clumps in the toilet one at a time, let them break up and then flush. Do not put multiple clumps in the toilet at the same time! The rest of the cat litter is not suitable for disposal in the household toilet but must only be disposed of in a compost, organic waste bin or residual waste. Please be sure to follow local regulations. Bio-degradable Our fibres are suitable for compost. This makes our litter much better for the environment!

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