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With natural activated carbon for highly effective odour control Our natural, activated carbon is produced from coconut shells, a renewable natural raw material. Activated carbon is a highly porous carbon substance with an enormous surface area. If you were to unfold just 2 grams of activated carbon, it would result in the area of half a football field! (2,000+ square metres)! Due to the unique physical chemistry of activated carbon, odour substances are strongly attracted to, and firmly bound to the carbon molecules. Activated carbon has been successfully used in households for a long time – for example; in extractor fans, odour filters in refrigerators, water filters and shoe insoles. With AromaProtect Formula™ for long-lasting odour binding and a pleasant spring fragrance Allow yourself to be charmed by the special combination of freshly cut grass and morning dewdrops. Fresh herbs, white flowers and a hint of musk recall a magical spring. Biokat’s Bianco Fresh EXTRA with spring fragrance stands out with its AromaProtect Formula™. This reliably captures unpleasant odours and releases our pleasant spring fragrance. As a result of this, the Biokat’s AromaProtect Formula™, developed by our experts for cat hygiene, provides for sustained odour binding! White colour Cats can often suffer from kidney disorders, which can generally be detected in the urine. On white cat litter, abnormal urine can be seen immediately. A dazzling shade of white is used for Biokat's Bianco Fresh EXTRA. A special characteristic of our white clay is its extra strong absorbency, which makes this cat litter very efficient.

Sku: 75.66
Ean code: 4002064618142
Content: 8KG

In order to use this cat litter correctly and to achieve the maximum performance, we recommend to mix the granulate evenly when filling the cat litter tray. Please dispose of litter according to applicable local regulations. Do not dispose of litter in the toilet.

Keep packaging out of reach of children and animals – danger of suffocation! Store in a dry place.