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Thanks to our new 3 in 1 formula, Biokat’s Natural Classic is now even better! Biokat’s Natural Classic consists of three different granule sizes: ✓ Our large sized granules have several, especially large pores. These pores absorb liquid and odours in a similar way to a sponge. A handful of our large granules has the same surface area of an entire football field! ✓ Our medium sized granules form especially strong clumps. As soon as these granules come into contact with liquid, they join firmly together to create clumps that are formed as a result their stable bond. ✓ Our small granules increase the yield. They distribute themselves in the litter, and support the medium sized and large sized granules to deliver optimum performance. And Biokat’s Natural Classic offers you another benefit: Low-dust! Since 1986, Biokat’s has stood for 100% natural cat hygiene. With Biokat’s Natural Classic your cat's litter tray remains fresh and hygienically clean. Winner of the ECOCARE AWARD 2012 - Biokat’s is Germany’s sustainability Brand 2012.

Sku: 75.60
Ean code: 4002064617121
Content: 10KG

In order to use this cat litter correctly and to achieve the maximum performance, we recommend to mix the granulate evenly when filling the cat litter tray. Please dispose of litter according to applicable local regulations. Do not dispose of litter in the toilet.

Keep packaging out of reach of children and animals – danger of suffocation! Store in a dry place.